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Florida Business Litigation Lawyers

The litigation firm of Grumer & Macaluso, P.A., serves the needs of clients throughout Florida and around the United States who need help with the resolution of complex disputes involving real estate transactions, construction projects, commercial lending relationships, corporate or partnership relations, and trust or estate administration.

Many of the cases we handle involve combinations of legal and evidentiary issues, novel facts, and claims and counterclaims among multiple parties. Our experience and litigation skill allow us to develop and present effective strategies for the resolution of disputes of all kinds.

Many of the cases we handle begin as contract or collection actions, then generate the need to present or respond to allegations of fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, or other causes of action that reach deep into the relationship between the parties involved. Our experience and methods are equally suitable for disputes involving major corporations or national lenders and those involving local closely held businesses.

Realistic and Effective Business Representation

Quality, professionalism, and client-oriented service define our relationship with our clients.

We consider each client’s background, resources, and personal goals when determining a legal strategy. We demonstrate our respect for our clients by committing to return calls promptly, providing frequent updates on case progress, and counseling our clients on strategies to minimize and eliminate risk. Our involvement with our clients does not stop when we resolve a case. We also continue to inform our clients of changes in the law significant to their operations.

Effective communication paired with business realism results in efficient representation. We provide our clients with cost-effective, results-oriented representation. Attorneys from our firm carefully consider the impact of every written or spoken word on the outcome of a case. Precision in communication is a hallmark of our firm’s service, as demonstrated by skillfully constructed motions to the court and strategically designed jury presentations.

Our Business Litigation Attorneys Are Veteran Practitioners

Experience is essential. At Grumer & Macaluso, P.A. every attorney has been practicing law for 15 years or more. We do not hand matters off to new associates. A veteran lawyer of the firm handles every deposition, every motion, and every appearance at trial. We focus our efforts toward the best possible results for our client in every commercial dispute, broken real estate transaction and trust or estate contest we handle.

In recent years, clients have depended on our firm for guidance and advocacy in commercial disputes dominated by declining asset and collateral values to the point where no party can reasonably expect to come out entirely whole. Our ability to apply sound loss mitigation principles in the context of intense litigation can represent a powerful advantage for our clients.

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If you or your company would like more information about our services as trial counsel or local counsel, please contact our office in Fort Lauderdale. We have attorneys and staff who are fluent in Spanish. Se habla español.

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