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Enforcing Rights Under Executive, Professional or Technical Employment Contracts

Contact our office in Fort Lauderdale for additional information about our ability to resolve disputes related to professional or executive employment. Our attorneys represent parties on either side of these actions, which can involve companies from closely held businesses to multinational corporations.

In many cases, the employment law and contractual issues raised in the litigation will need to be resolved together with other claims and defenses arising from the purchase or sale of a business, conflict of interest allegations surrounding the performance of a fiduciary, or disputes within shareholder or partnership equity groups. Our experience with the presentation and resolution of complex civil claims can represent a significant advantage for the litigant whose employment claims exist in the context of a much broader dispute.

Trial Lawyers for Complex Executive Employment Disputes:

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The employment issues we handle most often involve unpaid compensation, the applicability of such restrictive covenants as non-competition terms or confidentiality agreements, and the enforcement of severance terms that appear either in the employment agreement or as a negotiated package related to the executive or professional employee’s departure.

For additional information about the scope of our employment litigation practice in South Florida, contact Grumer & Macaluso in Fort Lauderdale.

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